A fast website. Guaranteed.

With Pendeo we like to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee your website will be super fast.


Optimising your site for speed is crucial. Response and load times are factors in determining your page rankings on Google. Just one second of additional load time equates to 11% less page views and a 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction. We understand this and our goal is to relieve you of the complexity involved with making WordPress fly. Optimizations at every level of the hardware and software stack including caching is one of our specialties. That means you can focus on your specialties.


Speed, Guaranteed

We guarantee your website is fastĀ using Pendeo. Switch to us and if you experience a slow down get in touch. We’ll put it right or your money back. You can check your page load time. We recommend testing using Pingdom Tools to get an objective result.